Endocrine And Diabetes Clinic

Endocrine And Diabetes Clinic

Endocrine and Diabetes Clinic (EDC) is developed for endocrinologists, diabetes centers, clinics, and doctors.
Designed and tailored under the supervision of well-known physicians and specialists in Lebanon, what made it trustworthy and reliable?
Includes patient file, visits, lab tests, and much more...

Program Features

With EDC, you can:

Manage the files of the patients having endocrine or diabetic diseases.
Keep a record of every visit and attach to it copies of documents provided by the patient.
Keep a record of every test made at the laboratory.
Record information about diabetes and family members medical problems.
Record data about cardiovascular risk factors and social habits, as well as eye and foot diseases.
Retrieve standard and statistical reports.
Retrieve data charts for different types of tests: HbA1c, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides.
Manage the work of the dietitian with customized forms and reports.
and many other features.

For more information, Please call: 961 71 301583

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